Book Review: The Magus Covenant

MagusThe Magus Covenant

Written by Toni Pike

Published by Chapman Reid Publications, 2015


Sold on Amazon 

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Father Jonathan Fletcher, an Anglican priest, travels to Italy to give a lecture about the thesis he wrote regarding Simon Magus.

On the eve of his lecture, an elderly leader of the church is found dead in the courtyard of the church where the lecture is to take place.  The exact spot where Simon Magus fell to his death during a demonstration of his “levitation” powers, about two thousand years prior.

As Father Fletcher is en route to his lecture, they come upon a scene of confusion and emergency vehicles.  The scene is at the church and his car is escorted by police to the court yard.  When he asks to see the deceased, he is shocked to realize that the body on the ground is an uncanny resemblance to Simon Magus.  Even the method of death is similar.  This raises some questions.  When he informs the officials of his thoughts, he is immediately questioned of his whereabouts the night before, and in an indirect way, is looked upon as a suspect.

He proceeds with his lecture and has some trouble with one of the audience members, also a priest.

He takes note of certain details and information that he overhears about a sacred scroll that is being sought out by several parties.  This scroll is said to contain information about who the real leader of the Catholic Church is and how the Church is to be controlled. He decides to go on a search to find out more about this scroll

His search takes him on an action filled adventure across many continents and narrowly escaping death several times.

He finally discovers the answers he seeks, only to find out that things aren’t what they appear, especially in the people he has enlisted to help him.

No lack of mystery, thrills, and suspense in this story.  Very gripping and will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.




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